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The Adult Diaper Market is set to Overtake Baby Sales by 2020

Posted July 19


The adult diaper industry is rapidly growing, and according to research is set to overtake baby diaper sales in the United States by 2020. The product is expected to see a surge in popularity among the younger more physically active consumer population. According to a Bloomberg report, adult incontinence products are projected to increase by 48 percent in the next four years. In comparison with baby diaper sales, this is a significant increase. Diaper sales for babies will only go up 2.6 percent, bringing them level or possibly behind the adult sales. These drastic changes in figures are because the young population today are finding more and more uses for adult diapers, as well as a recent shift in marketing campaigns by firms such as Kimberly-Clark and Procer & Gamble revealing the different conveniences of adult diapers.

When most people think about adult diapers, they immediately envision an elderly adult who has lost control over their bladder because of aging. Many buyers of adult diapers are indeed elderly, but incontinence products are also being sold to the young and middle-aged populations, as incontinence can occur at any stage in life. However, adult diapers are also being used by people that don’t have bladder problems. Besides incontinence and disability, there are several different uses for adult diapers.

Difficulty Accessing Bathrooms

When you are in a situation such as waiting in a long line and don’t have quick access to a clean bathroom, problems can arise. When some people don’t want to lose their spot in a long line or simply don’t want to use the dirty porta-potty toilets, an adult diaper can come in handy. For example, during the 2009 presidential inauguration, American diaper companies were receiving a lot of calls from concerned customers. They were buying adult diapers because they were worried about the lack of porta- potties and the possibility of losing their place in the long line to see the inauguration. The adult diapers ensured that these customers kept their spot in the line.


Traveling around the world is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn more about the world as well as yourself. However, many situations arise where having an adult diaper can be extremely useful. Long hour plane, bus, or car rides are the main obstacles you face in route to your holiday destination. Also, when you land in a foreign country, you may find the lavatories to be not what you are used to. It is understandable that you might not want to dress up like someone that is incontinent, however, it is always good to be prepared.


In the modern era, sports have become professional careers for some individuals. For certain sports, in order to rise to the top, special measures are taken. For example, in the sport of marathon running, seconds matter for professionals. They cannot afford stopping to use the bathroom even once during a race, it would increase their final time and interrupt their running rhythm, especially for old aged people attempting to have marathon. Adult diapers are used by some professional runners not only to prevent their time increasing, but also to ensure their comfort throughout the race.

Another major factor of this dramatic shift is directed towards lengthening life spans and plummeting birth rates. Elderly are more susceptible to conditions and illnesses that cause incontinence, and with less babies there will naturally be less demand for baby diapers. While firms primarily prepare for an increase of demand in the US market, they are also eyeing gaps in markets across the globe, such as China, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia, according to market research. Overall, it is an exciting time for the firms and manufactures in the diaper market, because although the demand for baby diapers is going down, the overall worldwide demand for diapers will increase drastically.

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